Purica Recovery SA 350g

by Purica

Purica Recovery SA

  • back pain
  • joint pain
  • lameness
  • hock pain
  • injury
  • surgery
  • stifle pain
  • rehabilitation

If pain is the problem, RECOVERY is a potent solution that targets the root causes of the pain. By inhibiting damage to cells, curbing inflammation, relaxing tension, and increasing a cell’s ability to receive hormones, RECOVERY often brings results far beyond expectations.

Overview: Natural and Effective – Recovery SA

Just like other members of your household, your pet may suffer from painful conditions due to injury, genetic predisposition, or as the result of aging. You can help to improve your pet’s quality of life. Playfulness prevails when a pet is limber, happy, and free from discomfort. Supplementing Recovery SA brings pain-free living.

By supplementing Recovery SA you can safely and effectively prevent and halt many lameness-associated conditions and improve healing.

  • improve flexibility
  • improve healing
  • increase playfulness
  • improve breathing
  • improve coat strength and sheen

Recovery SA contains Nutricol a proprietary combination of proven ingredients purified from grapes and tea. Nutricol decreases trauma by both increasing the cell’s resistance to damage and improving its ability to repair damage.

Each 1/2 teaspoon (2 grams) contains: 75 mg Nutricol®, 500 mg glucosamine (plant source), 500 mg MSM, 250 mg l-lysine, 100 mg TMG, 135 mg vitamin C, 50 iu water-dispersible natural vitamin E, and 50 mg elemental magnesium.

Suggested use: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per 20 pounds body-weight or as directed by your veterinarian.

 *Results may vary from pet to pet