Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Baby


Baltic Amber is an organic substance (succinate) that is formed from fossilized tree resin (not sap). Amber that comes from the Baltic Region has the highest concentration (up to 8%) of the succinic acid which is what reportedly provides the healing properties.

When worn against your skin the warmth of your body can allow the succinic acid to be absorbed into your body through the skin and into the blood stream. From there it can be carried throughout the body delivering the pain relief. 

As with most all-natural products you will find that each individual may respond at a different rate. While some people notice almost instant results, others find the response more subtle and may take place over time. 

Baby Teething Necklaces

These precious little bits of amber seem to provide amazing relief for babies suffering from teething symptoms such as pain, swelling and excessive drooling. Amber also can provide a calming effect which helps with much needed sleep.

Teething Necklaces are not to be put into mouth or chewed on but simply worn against skin. The beads on the teething necklaces meet strict size guidelines to prevent a choking hazard. They are also 100% organic and safe if ever accidentally swallowed.

The clasps have been designed to break apart under excessive pressure which is an added safety feature. 

Most important is the sizing of the necklace. Be sure it is short enough that your baby can't get it over the chin. 

Your baby must be under constant supervision while wearing their amber. For night we recommend you take the necklace off and wrap around the ankle with the sleeper over top. In this way your baby is still being exposed to the amber. 

The string is individually knotted between each bead for strength and f your necklace was to break... only one bead would come loose. (No scattered beads)

Size: Babies (3 months - 4 years) 30-35 cm

*Colours May Vary*