5 Reasons To Choose Organic

5 Reasons To Choose Organic

Have you ever considered what goes into growing the food that you put on the table? With so many options at the grocery store, it can be hard to know what the best choices are for you and your family. If your budget allows, it is best to choose organic wherever possible. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, it would be wise to pick a few of your most commonly consumed foods and switch to organic to avoid excessive use of pesticides and GMOs.

Here are a few reasons to choose organic:

#1 Conventional crops are often heavily treated with pesticides at various stages. From planting, to growing, to storing, to processing, and even to shipping. Imported fruits and vegetables are often sprayed and fumigated to prevent pests from tagging along for the ride. Choose organic for the cleanest products and to keep these toxic chemicals out of our drinking water and oceans.

#2 GMOs are becoming quite common and their long-term safety is still in question. GMO crops often allow for heavy chemical pesticide use. The best way to avoid GMOs in your food is to purchase Certified Organic foods. 

#3 Organic farming practices support healthy soil, crop rotation, biodiversity, pollinators, and the environment. In the last century, the nutrient content of our foods has dropped significantly thanks to commercial farming, monocropping, and limited nutrient fertilizers. We have to eat a lot more food than we used to just to get the nutrients we need!

#4 Supporting your local organic farmer means you directly support a family in your community, the food doesn’t have to travel far to get to your plate, and you support cleaner air and a cleaner water supply with chemical-free farming. Because local produce is fresher it will also be more nutritious. When foods are picked early and travel long distances, they lose some of their nutrition daily.

#5 Organic foods are often more flavourful and nutritious as the fruit and vegetable varieties are chosen for flavour, nutrient content, colour, etc, instead of easy harvesting and transport. If you shop at natural health food stores or farmer's markets, you often get to try fun new varieties that you might not find otherwise at your average grocery store. Heirloom tomatoes are a great example of how incredible a tomato can taste when you’re used to hot house tomatoes.

With all this in mind, head on out to your local farmer’s market and see what kind of fun things they have. Get your kids to pick out something new they haven’t tried before and find a recipe online to use it!

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