How to Look and Feel Great in Your 40's

How to Look and Feel Great in Your 40's

The human body is never stagnant. Millions of our cells die every second and new ones are created, but besides cellular turnover, the function of our body changes as we age. Every decade of our life is different from the one before, as our body’s needs and activities change. Let’s consider how to appreciate the strengths of each stage and nourish our bodies and minds through the years.

A woman in her 40's enters the stage of life called perimenopause. This is when her body begins the transition toward menopause and is marked by a decrease in the production of various hormones. Progesterone production drops slowly and begins as early as the mid-30’s and estrogen begins to drop more substantially in the 2-3 years before menopause.

These differences lead to imbalances and when combined with the natural stress of a busy woman, it can lead to a very disrupted hormonal system. It is essential that a woman in her 40’s take very good care of herself for the sake of her body now, and to pave the way for a smoother menopause experience to come.


Healthy fats

Foods high in fat are important for a few reasons. First of all, healthy fat keeps us satiated, meaning we feel full and don’t need to eat as much to feel satisfied. They help maintain steady blood sugar levels, which is great for maintaining a healthy weight, but also key to healthy adrenal glands. And the omega-3’s found in lots of healthy high fat foods are vital for helping the body produce hormones and balance moods. Be sure to include foods like avocados, seeds, nuts, and fatty fish in your diet.


Gentle Body Movement

A regular practice of yoga or pilates will not only improve your mood and release those wonderful “feel good” hormones, but it will keep your muscles and joints loose and aligned. Helping to prevent possible injury and degenerative issues in the years to come.


Supplement Support

Magnesium is crucial for hundreds of different processes in the body, but one of the quiet miracles of magnesium supplements is how it helps people sleep better. Women in their 40’s often begin to struggle with sleep issues, so maintaining healthy magnesium levels can lay the groundwork for deeper, more sound sleep in the coming years.



Maca, an adaptogenic herb, helps the body deal with stress hormones. Not only can it contribute to overall well-being, it can balance hormone levels, boost energy, and support a healthy libido. The perfect herb for a woman at this stage of life!


Our 40's are a time of much transition, so pay close attention to how your body is changing and the support it needs in the coming years.

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