Low Waste Switches For The Holidays

Low Waste Switches For The Holidays

The countdown is on for the holidays season, as most people will begin shopping for presents. During this time of year we are able to make an impact with what we choose to do and where we choose to spend our money. With the amount of waste in our environment it can seem daunting and feel like we are unable to help, but with some of these simple and easy low waste switches, we can make a difference during the holidays.


Don't buy a gift

Some people can be difficult to shop for, so instead of stressing out over what to buy them opt for a special occasion together. Spend time with that person, enjoy an activity together or just simply catch up over a warm cup of coffee during this festive time of year. Not only does it save you the stress of trying to figure out what to buy them, you are able to spend some quality time together.


Use gift bags 

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of wrapping paper that is used during the holidays is to use decorative gift bags. Not only are they cheaper, but they can be reused, re-gifted and hide the gifts really well. If you don't want to use tissue paper, throw in some recycled newspaper to hide the gift or tie it with a ribbon or staple it shut. 


Wrapping paper alternatives

Wrapping paper alternatives provide us with the opportunity to reduce our waste and use alternatives that are cheaper and have less of an environmental impact. Recycled newspaper is the easiest because it is so abundant, save a few from the next couple weeks and you have enough to wrap your gifts. Switching to string over ribbon and paper tape over plastic. Think that your presents wont look as nice? Add a pine cone, make your own paper bow or incorporate some pine branches or cedar bows. 


Buy used decorations

Instead of going to the store to buy a matching set of ornaments, you can go to your nearest thrift store and buy some loved ornaments! This will prevent them from going into the landfill and your tree will look just as nice and for a lesser cost. Some people donate their entire collection which means that you will have lots to choose from and can even find some quirky ones to add to your tree.


Natural Decorations

From pine cones to cedar branches, these decorations are an eco friendly switch to plastic ones that can break easily. From center pieces to mantle displays, you can get create with some natural pieces infused with items you had before. Plus once the holidays are over you can save them for next year or add them to your green waste!


We love these simple switches because they can be done throughout the season and there is no pressure for them to be done at once. Even if you only make one switch this holiday season, it makes a huge difference! So we hope you enjoy these low waste ideas and the holidays too.

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