What To Look For In An Omega-3 Supplement

What To Look For In An Omega-3 Supplement

We’ve all heard about the importance of including omega 3 fatty acids in our diet and the richest source of omega’s can be found in fish oil sourced from deep, cold water species such as sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. 

EPA and DHA are the two most-studied omega-3’s and the health benefits they offer are significant: prevention of heart disease, reduced cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, reduced rheumatoid arthritis pain, improved brain functioning and mood, improved skin issues, and increased brain development in children.  All of these benefits sound enticing, but since our oceans are polluted, fish can often be high in dangerous contaminants such as heavy metals, dioxins, and PCB’s.  It’s hard to choose the benefits of consuming omega 3-rich fish in light of possible harm from all the toxins the fish may contain.

Fish oil supplements are a great way to solve this dilemma. Supplements are molecularly distilled to remove harmful contaminants while delivering concentrated amounts of DHA and EPA.  Be sure to choose a brand that has been purified and is tested to comply with government and industry standards.  The International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program provides third party testing to showcase safe and credible products. Not only does the IFOS test for safety, but they also test for freshness and potency so you can truly know the quality of the oil inside the bottle.

Every batch of the Health First Omega First supplements are tested by IFOS and have consistently received a 5 star rating — the highest possible score. On top of this excellent rating, Omega First supplements are free from artificial flavours, artificial colours, gluten, wheat, lactose, artificial preservatives, added sugar and yeast. They also offer enteric-coated gel caps for those that are sensitive to fish oils who may experience reflux issues.

So if you’re looking for all the benefits without the harm, choose the freshest source of omega 3’s found in Health First Omega Supreme.

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