What Are The Health Benefits Of Amla?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Amla?

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, grows on a flowering tree. This small, sour berry has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for many purposes, but primarily as an anti-aging compound. It is packed with nutrients and is most notably a powerhouse of antioxidants. In fact, some call it the “king of whole food antioxidants” because it has more concentrated antioxidant power than any other whole food.


These are some of the benefits of Amla:


#1. Manage blood sugar. The fibre in Amla dissolves quickly and works to slow the rate at which your body absorbs sugar. This helps prevent blood sugar spikes, making Amla helpful in managing diabetes.


#2. Improved digestion. This same fibre helps move food through the digestive tract and increases the regularity of bowel movements.


#3. Boost cardiovascular health. Studies show that Amla extract reduces total cholesterol and triglycerides and may also help lower blood pressure and act as an anti-coagulant making it a great supplement for overall heart health.


#4. Better brain health. The antioxidants in Amla fight free radicals which attack and damage brain cells.


#5. Immune support. The high amounts of vitamin C and polyphenols help the body fight off infection as well as colds and flus.


Amla can be found in capsule or powder form. Try adding the powder to smoothies, smoothie bowls, juice, or water!

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