What Are The Symptoms Of An Iron Deficiency?

What Are The Symptoms Of An Iron Deficiency?

Do any of these symptoms describe you?

  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • reduced stamina
  • headaches
  • dizziness/fainting
  • low blood pressure
  • pale lips and eyelids
  • loss of libido
  • coldness in extremities
  • trouble concentrating

These are all typical symptoms of iron deficiency, which the World Health Organization lists as the world’s most prevalent nutritional disorder, affecting 20% of the world’s population. While iron deficiency is more common in developing countries, certain groups of the population within North America also show high rates, particularly women of child-bearing age. Blood loss during menstruation as well as high iron usage during pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave many women chronically low on iron.

Iron deficiency leads to the symptoms above because it is an essential component of hemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body in red blood cells.  Insufficient iron leads to smaller and fewer red blood cells, which leaves your tissues and organs lacking oxygen causing them to work harder and become fatigued.

One of the best ways to reverse iron deficiency is through iron supplementation. However, not all forms of iron are easily absorbed and supplementation of iron can cause stomach problems such gastric upset, cramps, and constipation. 

One great option for supplementing iron is Ferrochel, a chelated iron that is more easily tolerated and more easily absorbed. Ferrochel is a protein bound iron that doesn’t break down in stomach acid, causing less gastric upset. As a neutral, fully-reacted molecule, it is delivered intact through the stomach to the intestine where it is easily absorbed. Clinical studies also show that Ferrochel is incredibly well metabolized, showing no excess of iron accumulation in the tissues, even at high doses, proving it is safe for long term use.

Health First Iron Supreme is not only made with the highly absorbable Ferrochel, but is also formulated in a complex of vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, and vegetable extracts designed to assist with iron absorption.

So if you’re looking to increase blood iron content—efficiently, safely, and without uncomfortable side effects — Health First Iron Supreme is a great choice.

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