Which Vitamin C supplement should I take?

Which Vitamin C supplement should I take?

Vitamin C is likely one of the most well known of all the vitamins. Its discovery in the 1930’s was a result of research into the malnutrition of sailors. 

It turns out vitamin C is vital to the growth and health of bones, teeth, gums, ligaments, and blood vessels.  It also plays a key role in the formation of collagen, the body’s major building protein, and is therefore essential to the proper functioning of all internal organs.  On top of the important metabolic functions that vitamin C performs in the body, it can also act as an antioxidant to protect the body from damaging free radicals.

However, it turns out vitamin C is only moderately effective at antioxidant activities compared to other nutrients, whereas it is essential in all its other capacities in the body.  For this reason, it is beneficial to take vitamin C alongside other powerful antioxidants in order to “free up” precious vitamin C to perform its intended biological functions.  When it isn’t required to act as an antioxidant, vitamin C can get busy in wound healing, tissue development and repair, metabolizing amino acids, and much more.

Now the question is, which Vitamin C supplement should I take?

With this in mind, Health First Berry-C Supreme is formulated with the powerful antioxidants found in red bioflavonoids.  These bioflavonoids deliver unparalleled antioxidant protection and allow the vitamin C to be freed up for more specialized tasks.  In addition to the bioflavonoids, Berry-C Supreme includes resveratrol, also known as the “red wine antioxidant.”  Resveratrol is an immune agent naturally found in grapes, produced to defend the plant against bacteria and fungi and its presence in Berry-C Supreme makes this supplement an antioxidant powerhouse.

Vitamin C can come in various forms, one of which is calcium ascorbate which is a buffered form of vitamin C that is easily absorbed, gentler on the stomach than the ascorbic acid form, and a good source of calcium.  For added absorption, Berry-C Supreme contains Bioperine, a black pepper extract which acts as a thermonutrient, allowing more active ingredients to pass into cells.  Bioperine has been shown to increase the absorption of vitamin C by over 50% when taken together.


Bioflavonoids.  Resveratrol.  Bioperine.  Calcium ascorbate.  Choose Berry-C Supreme for more than just vitamin C.

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