Herbasante Parazap 100ml


Herbasante Parazap


  • Full intestinal coverage 
  • Helminth infections 
  • Pinworms, flatworms roundworms, tapeworms 
  • Prevents dust mite allergies 
  • Helps eliminate and prevent parasites 
  • Ideal for all ages 
  • Safe for pets 

Composition: Areca catechu 18x, Cina 14x, 18x, Cuprum oxydatum nigrum 10x, Cuprum aceticum 14x, Filix mas 8x, Granatum 10x, Indigo 10x, Natrum phosphoricum 14x, Psorinum 12CK, Sabadilla 18x, Santoninum 10x, Silicea 14x, Spigelia anthelmia 18x, Tanacetum vulgare 14x, Teucrium marum 10x, 
Viola odorata 10x, 20% vol Alcohol, Water USP 

Children (1 to 5 yrs): 10 drops under the tongue morning and evening. 
Children (6 to 11 yrs): 15 drops under the tongue morning and evening. 
Adults and children (12 yrs and older): 30 drops under the tongue morning and evening. 

Presentation: 100 ml (3.38 fl oz) 

*Results may vary from person to person

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Saroj Parhar
Good stuff!

Reminds me of my childhood when my country doctor used to give me this kind of medicine. I am feeling better already. Very courteous staff! Fast delivery!