Three Things To Try When Your Acne Won't Clear

Three Things To Try When Your Acne Won't Clear

Ah, the dreaded pimple when least desired… Most of us have been there a time a two, and some of us struggle with recurring acne on the regular. Although we’re all likely familiar with acne, we don’t always know what the root cause is or how we can improve it naturally.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when sebum (oil produced by your glands) mixes with dead skin cells, causing inflammation and pus formation. Although most common in teenagers, acne can occur in anyone at any life stage. The two most common underlying factors of acne are hormone fluctuations and the accumulation of toxins. Thankfully, there are natural choices that can address both of these root causes.



The skin is an important route for the excretion of toxins from the body, especially if the liver and kidneys are overloaded. Acne can be a sign that the body is trying to detoxify and the internal organs are not keeping up. Because excess estrogen must also be processed through the liver, regular cleansing and liver support may also help with hormone imbalances. Cleansing with a clean diet, supportive herbs, and dry brushing can help the body get rid of excess toxins and may help cut down on acne long term.


Whole foods & fibre

Staying away from processed foods and additives will alleviate the toxic load on the body and consuming adequate amounts of fibre can help the body eliminate toxins in short order. If our digestive tract is sluggish, unwanted toxins can remain and be reabsorbed and recirculated in the body, potentially leading to more acne.



An overabundance of bad bacteria will increase the body’s toxic load as well, so providing the body with beneficial bacteria from probiotics can reduce overall toxicity. Probiotics also help reduce system wide inflammation which may help alleviate breakouts.

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