Why Should I Consider Taking A Zinc Supplement?

Why Should I Consider Taking A Zinc Supplement?

Zinc is an essential mineral, meaning your body does not make it on its own, and it must be obtained on a regular basis through your diet. Your body uses zinc in countless ways and, next to iron, it is the most abundant mineral found in the body, present in every cell.


The World Health Organization estimates that half the world’s population is at risk of zinc deficiency and Health Canada estimates up to 35% of Canadians may be deficient. With so many at risk for deficiency, supplementing with zinc may be helpful, especially if you are diabetic, have a digestive disorder, follow a vegetarian diet, eat a lot of processed foods, or are pregnant.


So why would we bother supplementing? What exactly are the benefits of sufficient zinc?


#1. Zinc is necessary for the activity of over 300 enzymes which help with digestion, nerve and immune function.


#2. Zinc is necessary for the production of nitric oxide which is vital to healthy blood pressure.


#3. Zinc is critical for the formation and function of immune cells, which can help reduce the duration of colds and flus as well as help ward off more serious illness.


#4. Zinc can also help keep your blood sugar levels steady and improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin.


#5. Zinc is fundamental to skin health as it promotes wound healing and can be used to improve acne.


#6. Zinc can slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and help protect against vision loss.


#7. Zinc plays a role in cell growth and division as well as the body’s construction of protein, making it important for development at every stage of life.

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