BioSil: Capsules vs. Liquid

BioSil: Capsules vs. Liquid

BioSil's active ingredient is naturally in a liquid state. In order to make it available in two different forms: liquid and capsules, the capsules are made by spraying micro-droplets of the liquid BioSil onto cellulose pellets — which is plant fiber. The pellets are then encapsulated into a two piece vegetarian capsule.

Both options are equally bio-available, which means the body adsorbs them equally. So which is the better form to take? You can base your decision on these three differences:


The liquid has a characteristic flavor that has been described as "bitter" or "salty". Both of these do not sound pleasant, but you are able to mask it by adding the drops into tea, juice or effervescent vitamin c. In comparison to the capsules, (which of course have no flavor) the taste of the liquid can deter some individuals.


The most convenient form to take of the two is the capsules. You can add them into a pill container, they are easier to travel with and they do not have to be added into a liquid to take. Depending on your lifestyle, either form could suite your needs, but most individuals find that taking 2 capsules is more convenient.


When looking at the cost of the liquid vs. the capsules, the liquid is actually the most cost effective of the two. The BioSil 30ml contains 600 drops, and it is recommended to take 10 drops/day. This equivalents out to a 2 month supply. The BioSil 120 capsule is a two month supply, but is the more expensive option of the two.


Now that we know the differences and benefits between BioSil liquid and capsules. Its also a good point to compare the differences between BioSil and Biotin. Check out our latest article, where we compare these two products and how they benefit the body.

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