Power Through Cold & Flu Season With Health First Immuno-First

Power Through Cold & Flu Season With Health First Immuno-First

Our immune system has a huge impact on our overall health and impacts every other system in our body. Not only does it protect us from outside invaders like bacteria and viruses, it also works to fend off cancerous cells and keep us healthier for the long haul. So how can we support our immune system and keep it functioning at high capacity?

Of course, there are the vital lifestyle factors that we must start with such as regular exercise, plenty of good sleep, healthy habits for coping with stress, and eating a nutrient-dense diet. And one of the key factors in a nutrient-dense diet is plenty of plant based foods.

Within the membrane of almost every vegetable, fruit, whole grain, nut, and seed is something called a plant sterol or “phytosterol.” These naturally occurring compounds in plants have a similar structure to cholesterol found in humans. Since the structure is so similar, they compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestine and can therefore help lower blood cholesterol levels.

But aside from the well-know effect of lowering cholesterol, phytosterols are also known to balance immune system functioning. Phytosterols keep cortisol levels in check, which is beneficial because excess cortisol suppresses the immune system, and they also boost the activity of white blood cells.

 Phytosterols are not easily absorbed through food, so we can end up with an imbalance of too much cholesterol and not enough plant sterols in our blood. And since we’d need to eat a large amount of plant foods to get enough phytosterols to really impact our immune function, taking a supplement can be beneficial.

Health First’s Immuno-First provides a high potency 60mg of the important phytosterol known as beta sitosterol. Many other brands contain 20 mg for supplementing three times daily. Immuno-First makes it easy with a non-GMO source one-per-day formula.

Supplementing with a phytosterol formula is an effective way to strengthen your immune system and your overall health.

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