Elastin & Collagen: Your Keys To A Resilient, Youthful Life!

Elastin & Collagen: Your Keys To A Resilient, Youthful Life!

Elastin is a special building block found with the many tissues in our bodies, that depend on their ability to flex. These little-talked-about, but very powerful elastin fibres give strength, tone, stretch, and "snap-back" ability to our skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Elastin is one-half of the duo that keeps aging skin looking great (the other half being collagen). Elastin also plays a key role in keeping us moving, ensuring the healthy pliability of our arteries and studies show it even contributes to optimal lung function!

While collagen fibres line up side by side to create structure in our body's tissues, elastin fibres exist in forms that remind us of a fishnet stocking. Able to move in every direction, elastin fibres create a stretchy web that is supported by the collagen around them. Working together, collagen helps skin maintain its firmness, while elastin gives it a youthful ability to stretch and return to its original shape, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Now that we know how powerful elastin is, and how important the role it plays is, in maintaining many of the body's tissues and structures. These special fibres are getting the scientific study and popular attention they deserve. What's more, doctors are beginning to recommend ways of nurturing our elastin, recognizing that, yes, it makes skin look more youthful, protects arteries from the effects of aging, and keeps our lungs expanding and contracting as they should. But there's one more very important reason to nourish our elastin fibres: to guard the health of our pelvic floor muscles and our urinary/bowel function.

As we age, and especially if we have borne children, the structures of our pelvis can stretch out and begin to sag. The result can be urinary or bowel incontinence, the collapse of vaginal walls (called prolapse) and a loss of core muscle strength, among other symptoms. To understand the role that elastin plays in these conditions, picture these fibres as rubber bands of tissue that are woven three dimensionally through collagen. Healthy elastin is taut and springy. Old or damaged elastin is more like a rubber band that has been left out in the sun to dry - it gets brittle and frayed, and gradually fails. Just as aging elastin leaves our faces looking old, it also creates functional problems within our internal structures.

Now that you know the value of elastin and the effects of aging and damage on these fibres, you're probably wondering what is recommended to protect, preserve and BOOST our body's elastin. Fortunately, there are many foods, vitamins and minerals that have been shown to nourish elastin. However, one of the best supplements that is recommended is, BioSil®. Available in capsule or liquid form and taken twice a day, this patented supplement from Belgium can stimulate your own body to make elastin, collagen, and keratin through the activation of fibroblasts - the master repairmen of our body's cells. Indeed, BioSil® has been shown to increase skin elasticity by 89%, reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 30%, thicken hair by 12.8%, and strengthen hair by 13.1%. A small study even suggested that BioSil may improve bone density.

BioSil contains choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, a unique, patented ingredient (ch-OSA®) that is highly stable. In fact, BioSil's level of stability has never been duplicated in any other product to date, and that stability is the reason why it has consistently performed so well in placebo-controlled, double-blinded studies.


NOTE: Beware of lookalike products! BioSil is NOT Biotin, nor is BioSil a vitamin formula that helps hair, skin and nails. BioSil is much more, so do not be tricked into purchasing "silica" or "biotin".

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