Which Natural Remedies Can Support Your Body When Fighting Gout

Which Natural Remedies Can Support Your Body When Fighting Gout

Gout is a common type of inflammatory arthritis, marked by a build up of uric acid crystals in the joints and other tissues. Our bodies produce uric acid as a byproduct of breaking down purines, which are chemical compounds in certain foods. Some people seem to have an inability to excrete uric acid or they overproduce it.

Whatever the cause, this increased concentration in the blood results in deposits on the joints, tendons, kidneys, and other tissues, leading to episodes of intense joint pain, particularly in the first joint of the big toe.

There are natural ways to help prevent uric acid build up and lessen the pain of gout. Let's take a look at them.


Maintain a healthy weight

While this is not an easy lifestyle change, it turns out it is the most effective one for decreasing attacks of gout. Being overweight increases your risk of developing gout and reducing overall calorie intake can lower uric acid levels.


Avoid high-purine foods and add cherry juice

High purine foods include alcohol, soft drinks, seafood, and liver. Focus instead of whole grain, plant-based foods for the best results. Cherry juice is known to increase the elimination of uric acid from the body, so this is one sweet beverage which can be beneficial in the case of gout.


Devil’s Claw

Native to South Africa, Devil’s Claw is a plant with prickly fruit that has become a popular herbal gout remedy. Devil’s Claw has been shown to reduce painful inflammation along with lowering uric acid levels, which is the main goal in the treatment of this painful condition.

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