How To Combat The Back To School Stress

How To Combat The Back To School Stress

It's back to school, but this year things look a bit different. With the added stress, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few simple tips to make the transition easier, while supporting your body:


A good night's sleep is essential, without it we can experience fatigue, irritability and brain fog. To encourage quality rest you can help your body by removing electronics 1 hour before bedtime, drinking a herbal tea and wearing a sleep mask to block excess light. 


On a regular basis most people don't drink enough water. This can lead to constipation, fatigue and headaches. To encourage active hydration drink a warm glass of water with lemon. This not only starts off your morning with adequate hydration but also encourages digestion. 


Stress can wreak havoc on the digestive and intestinal system, leading to an imbalance. Probiotics in the intestinal tract make up to 70% of our immune system and neurotransmitters. In order to stay balanced it is important to add healthy bacteria into our diet. Through fermented foods and probiotics supplements, we can achieve this. 


Movement allows our bodies to release stress, tone muscles and promotes relaxation. An exercise as simple as walking around the block, stretching or yoga all can achieve this. Any form of exercise can support stress management which will encourage a relaxed state and deeper sleep. 


Our day to day lives can become quite busy. We can feel overwhelmed with our to do lists and this stress can disrupt sleep and inhibit our immune system. Journaling can be done in a few minutes and allows us to decompress from the days events while releasing our thoughts and emotions onto paper. 
We hope these five simple tips help support you through this new an changing world. The best part of all is that these tips can be used for any stage of life!
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