The Power Of NAC

The Power Of NAC

Immune health is at the forefront of our minds this year. We know that a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables including all colours of the rainbow can help support our immune health. Nature naturally provides us with an abundance of key micronutrients to support our body’s ability to protect us from foreign invaders. Unfortunately, sometimes access to a range of fruits and vegetables are not always feasible nor readily available.

Thankfully, several key supplements are available that can support our immune system especially when fresh fruits and vegetables are sparse. The traditional heavy hitters like vitamin C, vitamin D and probiotics act to build our bodies first lines of immune defense. By supporting our skin, gut and immune health they have become an integral part of our supplement regimes. Antivirals like oregano help to fight off nasty bugs ensuring we stay safe and are becoming common in most supplement cabinets.

Lesser known, but just as important as the supplements above is NAC or N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. NAC is the supplemented form of cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid that we must consume through our diet. Poultry products and legumes are high in naturally occurring cysteine and our body can also make cysteine via other amino acids.

Supplemented NAC is traditionally sourced from duck feathers, although vegan versions are just as effective and are becoming more readily available. NAC is quickly becoming an immune darling due to its high antioxidant capacity. NAC is required to help make glutathione, one of our bodies most important antioxidants which helps to support immune health.

What makes NAC so special is its ability to support lung and bronchial health. Working as an antioxidant and an expectorant, it can to alleviate respiratory concerns by loosening up mucous while reducing inflammation in the lungs.

Health First NAC offers 500mg of the supplemented form of this powerful antioxidant. It is a completely vegan formula, sourced from non-GMO corn and is gluten free. Like all Health First products, it is also free of GMOs, artificial colours, and artificial flavours.

**To avoid any possible complications, please consult with your health care practitioner before starting any new dietary supplement.**
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