Truehope EMP – What Is It?

Truehope EMP – What Is It?

Truehope® EMP is a carefully balanced and bio-available 36 ingredient multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that delivers results well beyond what ordinary multi-vitamins do. Even though nearly every ingredient in EMP is found in your daily diet, when the unique manufacturing techniques are applied, these otherwise ordinary ingredients produce extraordinary results.

The three main reasons EMP works so well are: the combination of ingredients that are selected, how they are balanced and how the ingredients are processed to enhance their bio-availability.

Combination — Each ingredient is carefully selected based on how it will complement the other ingredients in our formation. This ensures that all 36 ingredients work synergistically within your body.

Balance — A unique and powerful component of this formulation is the mineral balance. This is necessary to maintain homeostasis for the mind and body, giving you what you need to achieve optimum mental and physical well-being.

Processing — The minerals are micronized and then chelated (attached to an organic molecule) using Apex Biosynthesis Chelation Technology, a 4 day process. By applying this 4 step proprietary processing technique, the nutrients are primed for rapid uptake across the intestinal wall, cell membranes and ultimately, the blood brain barrier. This process mimics the way nature extracts minerals from soil, allowing your body to recognize and use the ingredients the way nature intended.

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