How To Nourish Your Body During Childbearing Years

How To Nourish Your Body During Childbearing Years

There is really a 30 year window in which women can conceive and carry children, although statistically, most women have babies in their 20’s and 30’s. And while every woman’s age and circumstances are unique, there are some nutrition and lifestyle factors that are universally recommended for everyone preparing their body for pregnancy.


Nutrient-Dense Foods

Waves of nausea or straight up vomiting may prevent women in the early stages of pregnancy from getting a lot of food in, so make what you do get down really count. Lean meat and lentils are an excellent source of protein, providing the amino acids necessary for building baby’s new tissues. Nuts are also an excellent source of protein, but also healthy fat and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Cheese is valuable for protein, but also an excellent source of calcium for baby’s bones and yours.


Love your current life

Planning to have a baby often mentally puts a woman months or even years into the future, at the expense of the present. While you are caring for you body and preparing for a potential pregnancy, remember to live and enjoy your life now. Every season has unique benefits.


Folic Acid, then Iron.

It’s hard to choose just one supplement to focus on during childbearing years, but folic acid is one of the most important prior to pregnancy. Because woman often get pregnant before they realize it, taking folic acid in the years when you could conceive a child is the best way to prevent neural tube defects. Once pregnant, your body has high demand for iron as it is vital for red blood cell formation, building hormones, and baby’s overall development.


Ginger Root

Many herbs must be avoided or taken with caution during pregnancy, but those that fall in the spice category are safe and often very useful. Ginger is one of those herbs. Ginger is renowned for being anti-inflammatory and provides antioxidants. Ginger has been widely used throughout history to relieve nausea and morning sickness. It can be consumed in tea, as candy, in tablet or capsule form and it can be a women’s best friend in the first trimester.


Bearing children is a powerful experience and beautiful privilege. Support your body during child bearing years so you are in the best possible place to nourish new life.

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