What Are The Benefits of Black Seed Oil?

What Are The Benefits of Black Seed Oil?




Black Seed is fairly new to mainstream natural health, but isn’t new to herbal remedies as it has been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Nigella sativa is a small flowering shrub which produces fruit with tiny black seeds, commonly referred to as simply black seed, or sometimes as black cumin, or black caraway.


Black seed oil is extracted from these seeds which contain over 100 active chemical compounds which can be beneficial for various conditions. The majority of its therapeutic perks have to do with a particularly potent active compound called thymoquinone (TQ) which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and immune-supporting properties.


So what are some of the known benefits of this ancient oil?


#1. Black seed oil is high in antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease, memory loss, asthma, arthritis, and cancer.


#2. Black seed oil has been shown to significantly reduce fasting blood sugar levels, which can lower the risk of complications from diabetes.


#3. Studies have shown that taking black seed oil has reduced levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and helped reduce blood pressure, making it beneficial for heart health.


#4. Applying black seed oil topically can help moisturize hair and skin as well as reduce acne. It has been shown to help improve wound healing, therefore reducing scarring.


#5. It promotes digestive health, frequently being used for indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea as the TQ inhibits acid secretion and helps maintain the mucous layer that protects the gut lining.


#6. The antihistamine properties in black seed oil make it a good aid to combatting seasonal allergy symptoms, especially congestion.


This powerful little seed has shown many uses and benefits for thousands of years.

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