What Are The Benefits Of Tongue Scraping?

What Are The Benefits Of Tongue Scraping?

You know it’s important to brush your teeth, but did you know that it’s also beneficial to brush your tongue? The human mouth is home to dozens of good and bad bacteria and an overgrowth of the bad bacteria can lead to foul smelling breath.


Your tongue, along with your teeth and gums, should be cleaned every day for a variety of reasons. Rather than simply being a flat surface as most people envision it, the tongue is actually closer in form to a carpet, with lots of little raised nubs, we refer to as taste buds. While they do a great job of tasting the foods you love, they’re also the perfect home for bacteria.


There is a delicate balance in the oral micro biome that needs to be maintained for good oral health, just like the micro biome balance in other parts of the digestive tract. Your tongue can quickly become residence to millions of bacteria colonies as you breath, eat, and even sleep. The longer these types of bacteria sit on your tongue, the higher your chances of developing gingivitis, periodontal disease, and oral thrush.


Along with eliminating bad breath, and preventing gum disease, tongue scraping can also help improve your sense of taste. By removing old food particles and bad bacteria, you leave your palette fresh and able to truly taste your food again.


Adding the use of a tongue scraper to your daily morning routine assists the body in eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the mouth overnight, leading to better breath, less likelihood of oral disease, and deeper enjoyment of delicious food.

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