What Are The Health Benefits Of Lion's Mane Mushroom?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Who isn’t looking to boost brain health, enhance mental clarity, improve memory and support cognitive function? Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used for these purposes for centuries. According to Chinese lore, ‘those who eat lion’s mane will have nerves of steel and the memory of a lion,’ but this medicinal mushroom has received attention all over the world for its brain boosting potential.


Lion’s mane mushrooms are edible, culinary mushrooms. When found fresh and sautéed, some people compare the taste to seafood, specifically crab or lobster. But more than just a delicious side dish, this superfood has plenty of positive impacts on the body. Lion’s mane has been used in the treatment of gastric ulcers and for regulating blood sugar and cholesterol, but most promising of all is its impact on brain health.


Lion’s mane protects the brain by reducing free radical damage and reversing beta amyloid production, therefore improving attention, memory, speech, comprehension, learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Perhaps most promising of all, is how it stimulates the synthesis of nerve growth factor or NGF. NGF is crucial to repairing damaged or deteriorating nerves in the brain, but its large molecule size prevents it from crossing the blood-brain barrier where it is needed. Studies have shown lion’s mane helps stimulate the production of NGF directly in the brain and in small enough molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier increasing the body’s repair of damaged nerves and neurons.


Purica Organic Lion’s Mane is cultivated in a quality-controlled facility using only organic plant materials for the fuel source. This organic, full spectrum mushroom is micronized for superior absorption and assimilation. You can find it capsules or in powder form.

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