What Is The Best Curcumin To Take?

What Is The Best Curcumin To Take?

So the good news is that our body has a powerful defense system against injuries and invading pathogens called “the inflammation response.” The actions involved in this response help us to survive!  But the bad news is that inflammation can become systemic or chronic and end up turning against us. Our body begins to attack its own nerves and organs leading to degenerative diseases like arthritis and cardiovascular disease. 

We would be wise to be on the lookout for safe, natural ways to reduce the effects of systemic inflammation. One particular culinary spice has been gaining a lot of attention in the health world because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Curcumin, the active ingredient found in the Indian root, turmeric, has been tested in hundreds of scientific reviews and has been shown to have incredible potential for reducing inflammation. However, curcumin has a poor absorbtion, which has been a challenge as it turns out that most curcumin is directly excreted after ingestion.

What is the best curcumin to take?

Scientists have tested a variety of methods of addressing the bio-availability issues of this herbal medicine and one really promising formulation is called Meriva.  In Meriva the curcumin extract has been “enveloped” within a phospholipid, providing two advantages.  First, the phospholipid protects the curcuminoids from being damaged by water, which normally happens quite easily.  Second, because cell membranes are phospholipids themselves, the enveloped curcuminoids pass more efficiently through the cell walls and into the bloodstream. This Meriva Curcumin can be found in Health First Curcumin Supreme.

The multiple human clinical trials have proven that the total curcuminoids in the blood are elevated by 29x in patients using Meriva!

In addition to the awesome anti-inflammatory effects, it was discovered that Meriva is also an analgesic, meaning it acts to block pain pathways.  Studies showed that the pain-relief effects of Meriva were as fast and lasted as long as taking acetaminophen, but were without the major side effects associated with acetaminophen, such as nausea, tiredness, stomach pain, and possible liver damage.

So Meriva curcumin, found in Health First Curcumin Supreme, is a great choice for fighting inflammation and pain. Whether you are already suffering from inflammatory disease or want help preventing these conditions from developing, curcumin is a great way to put out the inflammation fire.

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