Take Charge Of Your Hormones By Cleaning Up Your Act

Take Charge Of Your Hormones By Cleaning Up Your Act

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers and they play a vital role in every body system. They travel through the bloodstream telling every organ what to do and when to do it. Unfortunately, this delicate chemical balance can be negatively impacted by hormone disruptors, wreaking havoc on many bodily functions.

Xenoestrogens are a specific type of hormone disruptor that act like estrogen in the body. These man-made chemicals enter the body from outside sources and are often stored in fat cells instead of being naturally eliminated. This build up in the body leads to an estrogen dominance which can disrupt your adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, breast tissue, and more.

So how can you avoid xenoestrogens and ease the burden on your endocrine system? Detoxing your body is an important first step, but here are 5 other places you can start:


Switch to natural cleaning products

From dish soap to laundry detergent to window cleaner, many commercial cleaning products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that act as xenoestrogens in the body. Replace these with things like baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, and essential oils.


Swap your beauty products

Our skin soaks in toxins directly to the bloodstream, without even the aid of the liver to detoxify, meaning we need to be especially careful with what we put on our bodies. Lotions, shampoos, perfumes, make-up, and more can all contain toxic substances. Look for the healthiest, cleanest products you can find.


Choose organic produce

Insecticides and pesticides are also sources of xenoestrogens, so selecting organic produce and washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly can help ease the load.


Eat high-quality meat and dairy

Conventionally farmed animals are often fed growth hormones which contain xenoestrogens. Whenever possible, consume hormone-free, grass-fed, and humanely raised animal products.


Drink filtered water

Water can get contaminated with xenoestrogens from various sources, so find a good quality filter and carry a stainless steel or glass water bottle with you when you’re out.


Making the effort to reduce your daily exposure to xenoestrogens will go a long way in healthy hormone balance.

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