How Women Can Encourage Optimal Health In Their 30s

How Women Can Encourage Optimal Health In Their 30s

The human body is never stagnant. Millions of our cells die every second and new ones are created, but besides cellular turnover, the function of our body changes as we age. Every decade of our life is different from the one before, as our body’s needs and activities change. Let’s consider how to appreciate the strengths of each stage and nourish our bodies and minds through the years.

A woman in her 30s is in the thick of establishing herself, often balancing advancement in her career, raising children, and settling into a home and community. It’s a season of growth. Even though this decade can be very rewarding, it can also be demanding, outward-focused as the needs of others seem to supersede your own, and stress levels tend to run high. Investing time now in self-care will lay essential groundwork for the coming decades.

Lets take a look at the top four ways a woman in her 30's can support her body for years to come.


Focus On Food

It’s not flashy, but focusing on high fiber foods keeps a woman’s body functioning optimally. Fiber helps manage blood sugar levels and appetite, which can support a healthier body weight. It also eases the burden on the liver by moving toxins out more efficiently. The average adult should consume around 30-40g of fiber per day, however most adults only obtain between 10-15g. Some food sources include beans, fruit, whole grains, root and cruciferous vegetables are valuable staples in your diet. Or you can always add a fiber supplement or a powdered fiber added to your meals, smoothies and drinks for this stage and beyond.


Clean Living

Whether it's our personal body care, to household cleaners there are toxins that are found in common products, which can disrupt our natural hormone balance. Xenoestrogens are one of those toxins. They are a man-made, estrogen-mimicking compound not produced by our bodies and they can be found in cleaning products, plastics, personal care products, and makeup. Xenoestrogens disrupt our body’s entire hormone system and can lead to a hormone imbalance. Choosing natural home and body care products will lessen the toxic load on your body and help your endocrine system to function optimally for years to come.



Certain supplements can provide the body with necessary nutrients during times of development and stress. B vitamins are one of the supplements that are essential for women's health. B-vitamins are a class of water soluble vitamins, they help metabolize our food into energy and are an essential support to the nervous system. To help minimize the effects of stress and support good mental health, add a B complex to your supplement routine. 


Herbal Support

Throughout our lives stress can be abundant, but how we manage the stress is what is more important. Stress can steal the production line away from other hormones while also depleting the body of essential vitamins and minerals. In order to help manage stress there are herbs called adaptogens that can help. Herbs like rhodiola, ashwagandha, and siberian ginseng are adaptogens which help our body manage and balance stress hormones. In a busy time of life with a lot of plates spinning, adding an adaptogen or two can bring a sense of calm.


While you may feel unstoppable in your 30’s, now is the time to lay the groundwork for a longer, stronger life.

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