Vitality For Your 60's And Beyond

Vitality For Your 60's And Beyond

The human body is never stagnant. Millions of our cells die every second and new ones are created, but besides cellular turnover, the function of our body changes as we age. Every decade of our life is different from the one before, as our body’s needs and activities change. Let’s consider how to appreciate the strengths of each stage and nourish our bodies and minds through the years.

A woman in her 60’s and beyond has reached a season of teaching, sharing wisdom, and reflection. She has gleaned a lot from life experience and has much to offer. Her body, however, faces some unique challenges, such as absorbing nutrients more slowly, diminishing cartilage in the joints, and declined function of the senses such as hearing and eyesight. It’s important to make necessary adjustments in this decade to allow her body to thrive instead of just survive.


Lemon Water

As we get older our digestion can become compromised due to lower stomach acid production. In order to support digestion it's important to increase acid levels by adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to water and drinking it before a meal. Then stick with foods that are nutrient-dense, such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, and healthy fats, and remember to chew everything well to give your digestive system a head start.


Keep The Body And Mind Engaged

The brain loves a new challenge and will continue to make new neural connections if we provide it with good opportunities to do so. The body also loves to move and will rise to the occasion if we keep participating in physical activities. Try new things, travel, visit museums & galleries, join clubs, try problem-solving puzzles, socialize. Give your mind and body the chance to stay sharp.


Digestive Enzymes

As we mentioned before in the food focus, your digestive activity slows down with age. So it can be very beneficial to take digestive enzymes with your meals. This means your food will be properly broken down and better utilized by the body, and may also prevent gas and bloating. 



There are a variety of herbs that are beneficial and can support the human body. However, during aging there are some important herbs that provide a variety of benefits. Turmeric is one of these herbs, it's a natural anti-inflammatory that can ease joint aches and pains and general systemic inflammation. It also supports liver function, brain cells, and heart health. 


Our 60’s, 70’s, and beyond can be a time of renewed focus on health and vitality as we mentor the next generation of women to care for their whole selves.

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