What Calcium Magnesium supplement is best?

What Calcium Magnesium supplement is best?

Chances are, you know someone with osteoporosis since over 2 million Canadians are afflicted with this disease where decreased bone density leads to an increased risk of breakage.

Human bone density reaches its peak before we are twenty years old and starts to decline after age thirty.  Weight-bearing exercise and a nutrient-rich diet are the two most important ways to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, beginning in childhood and teen years when our bones are actively building density and especially later in life when our bone strength is decreasing.

In regards to diet, foods rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus are best for bone-building.  If we cannot get a sufficient daily supply of these essential nutrients, supplementing can be a proactive way to protect our bones.  When we have insufficient calcium available in the blood, our bodies will draw it from our bones, decreasing their density.  Hormone imbalances can also cause the body to leech calcium from the bones.  For these reasons, and because women can lose between 2-5% bone density per year during menopause, doctors advise women over fifty to aim for 1200 mg of calcium per day between dietary and supplement sources.

However, one of the downsides of high-dose calcium supplements is the potential risk for heart health.  If calcium is not taken up effectively by the bones, there is the risk of it building up in the arteries as plaque, causing a narrowing called atherosclerosis. So, which Calcium Magnesium supplement is best?

There are 2 ways Health First has tackled this problem in Cal-Mag Supreme.

First, we know our bodies utilize calcium from food sources better than calcium-only supplements, usually derived from limestone, so instead Health First uses an algae called Lithothamnion calcarium to source their Cal-Mag.  Branded as Aquamin, this red algae grown off the coast of Iceland is an edible plant rich in calcium and other nutrients.  Because it is a food it contains a full complement of minerals rather than just calcium alone which are all involved in bone health.  Also, it is good to know that this algae is sustainably harvested, ensuring it doesn’t negatively affect the surrounding eco-system and won’t be permanently used up by over-harvesting.

Second, Cal-Mag Supreme comes with added vitamin K2 in order to ensure calcium is taken up by the bones, rather than left to build up in the arteries.

So for an entirely different, whole food source of calcium and supporting minerals, try Cal-Mag Supreme with Aquamin to give your bones a boost.


Now that we know which calcium magnesium supplement to take in order to support our bone health. There are also lifestyle changes that we can do in order to improve our bone health naturally. https://www.herbesthealth.com/blogs/news/how-to-improve-bone-health-naturally

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