How To Improve Bone Health Naturally

How To Improve Bone Health Naturally

We all know our bones provide structure for our body, but they also anchor our muscles, protect our organs, and store minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Our bones are more than just solid sticks that help us stand; they’re living tissue

Every day of our lives our body breaks down old bone and builds new bone. In our childhood and youth we make more bone mass than we break down, ideally creating strong, healthy bones as young adults. Around the age of 30 most of us reach our peak bone mass so that by our 40’s we are usually breaking down bone faster than we are building it. This can lead to bones becoming brittle and weak; a condition known as osteoporosis which puts us more at risk for fractures.

In order to avoid this condition it is vital that we build strong bones early in life and then maintain bone strength as we age. If you are wondering how to improve bone health naturally, lets take a look!


Before Age 30

We build bone strength early in life by practicing a few simple lifestyle habits.

Weight-bearing exercise — When we perform weight-bearing exercise our muscles push and pull against our bones, stimulating bone formation and increasing the retention of calcium in the bone.  This leads to greater overall bone mass in our younger years.

Calcium and vitamin D — Calcium helps to build and maintain bones while vitamin D is essential to help our body absorb the calcium.  Foods rich in calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds, seeds, and white beans.  Vitamin D can be found in fatty fish, liver, and egg yolks.

Protein — Protein provides the essential building blocks necessary to building bones, so it is important to ensure adequate healthy protein in your daily diet.  Good sources of protein can come from plant or animal sources and include poultry, fish, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Limit alcohol and tobacco use — The toxins in cigarette smoke weaken bones and alcohol use interferes with calcium absorption.  Limiting the use of these substances will help improve bone strength.


After Age 30

There are a number of reasons why we lose bone mass in our 30’s and beyond, which are beyond our control.  First, our bodies simply don’t produce as much bone mass as we age so we cannot keep up with the natural break down of bone tissue.  Second, hormone changes affect bone mass.  In the years before and after menopause, the body’s production of estrogen drops and low estrogen leads to increased bone loss.  The third factor is gender.  Women are simply more likely to develop osteoporosis because they have a lower bone mass capacity to begin with.  Finally, genetics is another factor beyond our control.  If osteoporosis runs in your family, you are much more likely to suffer from faster bone loss so you must be more vigilant.


So how can we improve bone health naturally, while maintaining and protecting our bone strength after age 30?  Be extra mindful of the above recommendations, and maybe step it up a notch.

Weight-bearing exercise. — Not only improves your bone strength, but it increases your overall strength and balance which can help you prevent falls and fractures.

Calcium and vitamin D. — Calcium is less effectively absorbed as we age, so it is essential to include plenty of vitamin D to increase absorption rates.  It may be beneficial to increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D as you age, either through the foods listed above or through supplements.

Protein. — Our overall need for calories decreases as we age, but our need for protein does not diminish.  This means we must pay attention to eating nutrient dense foods, including high quality protein to build bone mass.

Limit Tobacco — This one is really equally important before and after 30 years of age.  If you still smoke, find help to quit and if you drink, limit alcoholic beverages to no more than one drink a day.  Your bones will thank you for it.


Follow these guidelines and let the strength of your bones hold you up high. In addition to taking care of your bone health, we have come up with the top supplements that women can use at any age. With this considered lets take a look at this list and see what it includes!

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