• How Does Ashwagandha Reduce Stress?
    September 3, 2020

    How Does Ashwagandha Reduce Stress?

    Stress is the body’s response to environmental stressors and it can motivate us and move us forward in life. Too much stress and an inability to manage it, however, can have dramatic health consequences. There are some natural solutions that we can use to manage our stress levels. Let's dig deeper on which adaptogenic herb is renowned for managing the body's stress response.

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  • What is Ashwagandha Good For?
    June 13, 2019

    What is Ashwagandha Good For?

    Canadians are stressed, and while some stress is healthy and natural, motivating us toward good work. Too much stress can have a bad impact on our mental and physical health. There are many ways to manage stress, but sometimes we all need a bit of a boost. Lets take a look at a herbal adaptogen called Ashwagandha, to see what exactly it can do to help manage stress.
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